Best Blackjack tournaments 2022 (September)

Canadian Casino Blackjack Tournaments

Tournaments among casino players are a popular trend in offline and online gambling. Numerous land-based and online casinos offer different tournament games.

On this page of Casinoz, we discuss all kinds of blackjack tournaments available on the web. Both pro gamblers, longing to check their skills, and novice players, ready to challenge the pros, are attracted to this event.

Features of Blackjack Tournaments

Before signing up for a blackjack tournament, ensure you understand the critical aspects. You may play like a pro, using a perfect strategy, card counting, and other techniques, but fail to compete with other users.

Let's highlight the main features of the tournaments:

  1. Your opponents are other casino customers and the casino itself, represented by the dealer.
  2. You need not just beat the dealer but also get a higher score than other participants.
  3. Everyone plays on equal terms, but it is possible to purchase additional credits.
  4. Tournaments are limited in time and may take several stages.
  5. A blackjack tournament can be held on one or more tables.

Be aware of all these points when developing tactics and strategies.

Casino blackjack tournaments

Types of Blackjack Tournaments in Canada

We can classify blackjack tournaments by the following features:

  • Structure – Does it consist of one or multiple stages?
  • Scale – Is it held in one or several casinos?
  • Access – Is it available for all customers or VIPs only?
  • Entry fee – Is it paid or free tournament?
  • Add-ons – Can players purchase credits?
  • Duration – Is it short or long?
  • Games – Does it include one or multiple games?
  • Prize fund – Are there money, comp points, bonuses, or other rewards in the pool?
  • Picking the winner – Who wins in the event?
  • Distribution of prize money – How are the prizes distributed among the winners?
  • Other options – Are there any unique features?

Learning the rules of blackjack tournaments, check out all characteristics. Some of them may not suit you.

Blackjack Tournaments Regulations

Most often, blackjack tournaments take the following stages:

  • Players gather in the casino at the arranged time.
  • If an entry fee is required, they make their payments.
  • Participants get a certain number of chips.
  • Then they play against the casino, progressing to a knockout stage.
  • Players with a minimal score get out of the game at the end of each round.
  • The winner and prize-winners are picked by the same rule during the final draw.

This is an average order. Any gambling operator can arrange tournaments on their own rules.

Online or Offline?

Initially, such events were held in brick-and-mortar casinos, as the first blackjack tournaments were held many decades ago. At present, it is standard on gambling sites.

Which option is better? We have no definite answer. Every user has their preferences. Also, some players don't have an opportunity to participate in offline events.

The advantages of online casino tournaments are apparent:

  • Available anywhere in the world;
  • Frequency;
  • No side costs;
  • Friendly environment;
  • You can use cheat sheets;
  • Security;
  • Guaranteed participation, etc.

Tournaments in land-based casinos attract a lot of heat, an opportunity to look into the opponent's eyes, communication with other enthusiasts, and other undoubted advantages.

Anyway, it's up to you.

Tips for blackjack tournaments players

Tips for Blackjack Tournaments Players

Some expert tips for successful participation in blackjack tournaments.

  • Choose the ones you can afford. Those with a small bankroll won't be able to play against the high rollers when betting limits are increased. Also, it might be hard to compete with VIP players if additional purchases are offered.
  • If a blackjack tournament is free, ensure the prize fund is of interest to you. It may be tiny or built of some conventional units, not money.
  • Before the tournament, make sure you are familiar with the rules of this particular blackjack and pick the best game strategy.
  • Remember that your primary goal is to defeat your opponents, not dealers.
  • Don't force things. Give the hottest players a chance to go off the tournament without your help.
  • Watch out for opponents' bankrolls. In a land-based casino, you can visually measure the number of other players' chips. Online tournaments usually provide a table with the current results.
  • You should use a strategy playing in blackjack tournaments. However, you can deviate from the standard recommendations in the final stages if you need to take risks to win.
  • Card counting and other professional techniques may also help you, although they are not always effective in blitz tournaments.

Read more about the insights of the game in tournaments in our articles.

Blackjack Tournaments Reviews on Casinoz

This section provides information about the best events of the most popular online casinos.

The key points discussed in the reviews:

  • Overview;
  • Time and place;
  • How to sign up;
  • Details of the T&C;
  • Distribution of the prize fund;
  • Other casino tournaments;
  • Conclusions with the pros and cons.

You are welcome to write reviews of the tournament, read stories of other clients, and ask questions to the experts.


Casino blackjack tournaments allow checking your skills and bringing diversity to the gameplay but also will enable you to fight for a significant prize fund.

Winners of the most significant events leave with impressive amounts. However, winning such competition may be difficult because you need to overcome multiple opponents, many of which are pro gamblers.

If you're not afraid of competition, are ready to learn, and are desperate to fight, read the reviews of blackjack tournaments on Casinoz.

Frequently asked Questions

💎 Why is blackjack one of the best casino games for Canadians?

Blackjack has numerous advantages. A high return to the player is the most crucial benefit. You can even get rid of the house edge in the best game types. 

🍀 Are there blackjacks at online casinos in Canada?

Most internet casinos offer at least one blackjack. The best gambling websites have numerous kinds of blackjack, including classic games and unique types from various providers.

🔥 Are there blackjack tournaments at Canadian casinos?

Blackjack tournaments are not so widely spread as slot tournaments, but many gambling clubs offer them.