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It is no secret that the question "how to win in online casinos?" is raised by many gamblers who prefer online casinos to land-based ones. As we know, demand creates supply so the network has a myriad of sites in different languages promising to teach you how to win at slot machines or roulette. At the same time such a service is not always available for free.

Hopefully you have already noticed and appreciated the fact that Casinoz does not treat it's readers as a source of income and does not allow itself to attract your attention to cheap populism. In this article, we will examine various aspects of the game (bonuses, rules, interest payments, policies and so on) trying to give you the most reliable and useful information.

We hope that it helps you win money in already next visit to online casinos. We offer you the nformation and will reinforce the rules of the popular virtual gambling houses.

Choosing the right casino

The main criteria for selecting a casino we have previously considered in a separate article so here we will mention them briefly.

Honesty - a casino should have an impeccable reputation. What's the point of winning if you may not get payment of winnings for some ridiculous reason.

Games - carefully review the range of casino games and interest payments. Of course the classic games are presented in all places but more profitable varieties (such as French Roulette ) not in all of them.

Restrictions - almost all casinos have restrictions for players from certain countries. Frankly, many best online casinos in the world do not accept clients from a variety of countries. Furthermore, there may be restrictions on bonuses and so forth.

Bonuses - this often becomes the main factor when choosing a casino, but it is worth noting that many earn to win money too lazy to learn the rules for bonuses, which leads to frustration.

Also, it is useful to read customer reviews of casino service professionalism and support, deposit speed, withdrawal options and so on.

In general, you should have a very serious approach to the choice of the online casino.

Bonuses and conditions of their wagering

Huge variety of bonuses in the world of online gambling are screaming about the generosity of advertising casinos offers creating the impression that you will fill up with money if you only become a customer of these casinos. They are offered for registration, making deposits for regular visits per game on certain machines for deposits using certain methods and so on.

In one of the articles on Casinoz we examined in detail main types of bonuses so we will not explain them here. It's useful to consider the most common pitfalls which may stumble inexperienced casino clients tempted by the incredible promises.

All bonuses that are offered at online casinos have one special feature: at first glance they seem much more profitable than they actually are. Remember that the administration is considering a casino bonuses are not the same way as the players. If for you bonuses is additional opportunity to win money, for them it is a means of attracting new customers and maintain the interest of the current ones. Catch the difference ? Luring the player in the virtual online casino walls without significant cost (or even no cost).

That's why every generous at first glance bonus offers have many nuances in details of the casino rules. And no matter what kind of bonus you have ( registration , deposit , or some other sticky ) just so you do not have the money to take out. First you need to perform every single condition imposed by the casino. Below we will discuss the main points of them supported by examples from real online casino.

The general principle of bonuses

Terms of withdrawing the bonus is called wager. Before bonus funds are transferred to the category of real money that can be withdrawn from the casino you need to play with bets of a certain amount.

For example, EU Casino. This reputable casino offers new customers 50-100% bonus on first five deposits ranging from $500 to $1,500 each. That is, by the first deposit of $500, you get additional $500. It's a tempting opportunity to win money but it's only bonus money that you have to translate into the category of real. To learn how to do this, go to the section of Bonus terms.

There, among other things, we can read that after receiving deposit bonus the player can withdraw the money from the casino only after making bets in the amount 30 times higher than the total size of the deposit and the bonus. In other words, in our case, with a deposit of $500 and the same bonus we will have to make bets of $500 + $500 = $1000 * 30 = $30,000 .

They also say that when receiving no deposit bonuses ( those who made deposit without you refilling the account) you need to make bets on a $80 bonus.

Restriction on games while wagering

However, when starting to clear the bonus, take a close look at the rules. It is possible that you can not do it in all the games and almost certainly not all games to offset wagering will go the full amount of bets placed . In confirmation of these words we will give an example of a solid 888 casino.

To withdraw bonus on your first deposit you need to play 30 times. In this case we are talking only about the amount of bonus without deposit . That is, for $100 bonus you must wager $3,000. Except that, if you decide to do it in blackjack you know that out of every $ 10 you bet the wagering will be only $1 (ie , 10%). In craps - 5%.

Such restrictions are introduced by the casino for the best games to customers: video poker, blackjack, craps and others. As a result, users are forced to win back bonuses on less favorable for their slot machines, keno, arcade games and so on.

In addition there may be a limit on the maximum rates during wagering. This is done in order to reduce the probability of an accidental big win on the bonus money (it was discussed in detail in the article "Setting a maximum bet size when wagering").

National discrimination in online casinos

Of course , the title above is joking but it is true. In many casinos there are strict rules for players from certain countries. Not to be unfounded, we present the rules on wagering and casino bonuses in the wonderful Europa.

"We reserve the right to insist that players from Denmark to wager their deposit and play bonus twenty (20 ) times the minimum wagering turnover before withdrawing funds from an account at a casino ... to players from the UK , Peru, Ecuador, Argentina , Romania, Hungary , Thailand, Malaysia , Latvia, Slovak Republic , Colombia, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Costa Rica to wager their deposit and play bonus thirty (30) times ... Players from Brazil are not eligible to receive bonuses".

Reasons for such restrictions may be different but often this is due to a large number of so-called bonus hunters among the players from these countries. Constantly faced with citizens of certain countries trying to to win money through the casino bonuses and leave, the administration decided to make the bonus conditions stricter.

Most loyal bonuses

Among the most profitable bonuses for the player there are no deposit options. They are difficult to play, and the size of these bonuses is rarely large but they do not require to do the investments.

Take a look at the bonuses for deposits by certain methods. Terms of wagering is usually much easier.

Also, do not forget about the loyalty program when players earn points for their later exchange for money.

From time to time loyal customers of many casinos get bonuses from the administration , they can also easily play. To be fair I must say that these bonuses are usually given to those who often loses.

So whether or not to take bonuses?

Given the fact that the casino can not withdraw funds until clearing the bonus many customers prefer not receiving them . How do you determine whether or not to take them? The most pragmatic players analyze the profitability of each bonus by the following principle.

For example take a 100% deposit bonus of $100. Let's suppose that conditions for its wager is a bet twenty times higher than the total amount of the bonus and deposit. That is making bets of $4,000 (the amount of the deposit and the bonus - $200, multiplied by 20 times ). Let's suppose that the most profitable game with full bets to clear the bonus is any slot machine with casino advantage of 4%.

This means that with each bet of $1,000 you should theoretically lose $40. While you make bets of $4000 you can lose $160. If less than the maximum bet the more chances that it will happen. And the size of the bonus is only $100. As you can see this bonus is not profitable at all.

Of course this is only a theory, and in practice you can successfully clear this bonus but be aware that it is not a privilege for you. The casino receiving benefit from it as well as from their games.

So in the bonus program offered by a casino, you need to carefully examine all sides. Do not apply any restrictions to yourself, find out how much you need to play out in what games, if there are other pitfalls and only then apply for the bonus.

What games to choose?

Now let's talk about casino games. Their choice depends on what purpose you have come to the casino. If you want to spend your time easily, choose any game to your liking. Here are some tips.

Our recommendations for those who want to maximize their chances of winning. We will not say that we know some secrets or techniques that allow regularly win money. Moreover, we tend to believe that honest ways todo this do not exist. However, there are games where the probability to win is the most high, so you should select them.

Such games include variations of video poker and blackjack. But do not forget that they require not only a certain share of luck, but also serious knowledge and skills. With basic strategies, you can reduce the house edge to tenths of a percent equaling the chances of a player and the casino. Get look at these strategies in the corresponding section of Casinoz.

It is also very beneficial for the player to bet in craps. Learn how to play this game is easier than blackjack, so consider it.

Who wants to learnhow to win at casino roulette, we recommend find a French version of this game, where the house advantage is twice lower than the European variety. Better not play American roulette, it is not worth it.

Sold casinos publish monthly data on interest payments by Category of games ( or even certain games ) determined by independent auditing companies. For example, in the 888 casino payout percentages are: Baccarat - 97.74% , blackjack - 97.89% and so on ( eCOGRA data for January 2011 ).

Betting system

Without going into detail of describing various betting systems (Martingale, Parlay, Biarritz and others), we will say that none of them can change the percentage of the house edge and really help win money. Some of them may seem to be effective with a wide range of bets in certain games but on the long stretch of games they all face fiasco.

There is nothing wrong in most of them. They can help pedantic casino customers to streamline the process of the game but do not expect miracles. These systems will not give an answer to the questions "how to win at roulette?" or "how to beat the casinos?".

Do not confuse game strategies with the best (or basic) betting system. They are completely different.


So can I regularlywin money at online casinos? of course, if your name is not Fandorin and you are not the hero of Boris Akunin 's novels you will not win constantly. However by selecting the most profitable casino, good playing in the most profitable games and using only the most profitable casino bonus offers you can achieve stable positive results.

Remember in most casinos the most prepared and knowledgeable customers win. You only need to collect information you need from reliable sources otherwise there is the risk of becoming a victim of corruption and no professionalism.

Follow the publications on Casinoz, and casinos will have no secrets from you.

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