Progressive casino jackpots


Progressive casino jackpots

A word "jackpot" familiar not only to fans of gambling. It is known and often used in everyday speech even by people far from casinos, lotteries or slot halls.

In a broad sense, it means a big win or a big jackpot. In the gambling business, a jackpot means a certain prize fund or the maximum amount that can be obtained in a particular game.

This section of Casinoz is dedicated to jackpots at online casinos and offline gambling establishments.

What are the jackpots in casinos?

First of all, there are two main categories:

  1. Fixed – specific amounts that do not change during gameplay;
  2. Progressive or cumulative – growing amounts that increase due to deductions from user rates or payments to customers.

The vast majority of jackpots considered on this page belong to the second type. We would talk about it further.

How do cumulative jackpots work?

As a rule, for each jackpot, there is a minimum amount from which it begins to grow. Further, some amount is deducted from the bets (rarely payments) of players, rarely exceeding a couple of percents. It is formed from the General Fund, for which clients are struggling.

Rules of the lottery jackpots and the associated conditions are discussed below.

What are the progressive jackpots?

Accumulative jackpots can be classified according to different criteria. They are as follows:

  • Standalone Progressives – they are played on separate devices.
  • House Network Progressives – these jackpots are presented in one institution on several models connected to the network.
  • Area Wide Progressives – such jackpots are available in many institutions using the products of this provider. They are the biggest, but there are also a lot of applicants for them.

You can also divide jackpots by their structure:

  1. Single – a single cumulative jackpot is at stake. You can only win it.
  2. Multi-level – the total amount consists of several jackpots of different sizes. For example, this is how the famous Mega Moolah Jackpot of Microgaming is arranged. It includes four jackpots.

More jackpots are divided by the maximum amount:

  • Unlimited accumulates until someone is lucky enough to get it;
  • The so-called  Mystery or Must-Hit-By-Jackpots are necessarily played before reaching a certain size specified in the rules.

All characteristics are considered in the reviews.

How are progressive jackpots played?

First about the most important:

In modern video slots, accumulative jackpots are played using a random number generator.

Only this program determines the next lucky winner who will get the jackpot. No decent gambling operator or software provider interferes with the work of the RNG and does not choose the winners manually.

An important point of the rules of any accumulative jackpot is the dependence on the bet. To some extent, the probability of winning depends on the amount at stake.

Pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Side bet – Sometimes to qualify for the jackpot, you need to make an additional bet. Most often this rule applies in table and card progressive games: blackjack, roulette, poker, and others.
  • Minimum required amount – Sometimes you need a bet of a certain size so that the client participated in the draw of the cumulative jackpot.
  • Influence of the bet on the odds – Usually, the bigger the bet, the higher the probability of winning. This is a common and fair practice because high rollers are more conducive to the growth of the jackpot amount.
  • Direct dependence of the jackpot size on the bet – in Novomatic slot machines and models of some other brands, the jackpot amounts are dynamic. The bigger the bet, the bigger the jackpot is at stake.

Software providers for online casinos may put forward additional requirements, so always read the rules of progressive slots.

Accumulative jackpot draw occurs according to different rules, depending on the characteristics of gambling, the fantasy of creators and other criteria. Let's highlight a few common options:

  • Randomly – just at the will of the RNG without additional manipulation by the client.
  • According to the specified combination of pictures – you need to collect a certain sequence of characters or fill the entire screen with some icons.
  • In the bonus round – in the format of the wheel of fortune, when choosing items and so on.
  • For a combination of cards – it happens in blackjack or poker.

All features of the rules are discussed in the articles of this Casinoz section.

What games feature cumulative jackpots?

The vast majority of games with progressive jackpots are video slots and classic slot machines. Also, accumulative amounts are often played in video poker. They are much less common in table poker, blackjack and roulette.

How to find the best progressive jackpot?

The question in the subtitle can be considered rhetorical. The best for you will be the jackpot that you manage to win. When choosing model pay attention to the objective characteristics:

  • RTP,
  • The size of the required bet,
  • Probability of winning,
  • The volatility of the slot and so on.

Do not forget that with the increase in the jackpot amount, the theoretical return in the game increases.

How to win a cumulative jackpot?

There are no fairways to win the progressive jackpot, but you can give some practical tips on how to increase the chances.

  • Specify the bet requirements to participate in the jackpot draw.
  • Find out how the size of the bet affects the probability of winning.
  • Realistically assess the chances of winning the cumulative jackpot.
  • Look for progressive jackpots. Must-Hit-By, on which the amount approaches the maximum limit.
  • Choose progressive slots with initially high enough RTP.

Finally the traditional advice to all casino customers:

Carefully read the rules of the game, paying attention to all points.

This is the only way to avoid annoying mistakes.

Reviews of jackpots at Casinoz

In this section Casinoz accumulative jackpots are considered according to this plan:

  • Introduction – announcement with preliminary information,
  • Description – what you need to know about the jackpot,
  • Games – in what models it is present,
  • History – how often and what amounts customers won,
  • Amounts – how the cumulative jackpot is formed,
  • Odds – what is the probability of winning,
  • Rules – the most important rules of the draw,
  • Conclusion – conclusions and others.

Under progressive jackpots reviews, readers write reviews, rate, ask questions, and share personal stories.


Did you have a chance to win a jackpot? How large sums did you manage to break at online casinos or real gambling establishments? Share your experience and ask questions in the comments to the articles.