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In the articles on our portal we recommended readers of Casinoz not to rush into a fight in unfamiliar games, because they may lose large amounts of money before they have time to fully understand the essence of the game. The following scenario looks much wiser: learn the rules and strategies of the game, try it in a free mode and only then play for money.

But even if inexperienced player has thoroughly mastered the rules and the strategy on the casino simulator or in a training mode, they should not immediately start playing on serious bets. Maybe they should play at the lowest bets in some inexpensive casino first.

The whole point is that playing for money is different from playing "for fun" and these differences are particularly striking for the psychologically of unstable customers in gambling houses. You may understand the intricacies of blackjack, but if you have never played on real bets, you are bound to make a bunch of mistakes, because it will be difficult to calm down excitement. So be sure to work out on small bets at first not to blame yourself for carelessness later.

However the minimum bets can also have another advantage. Many people have a genuine passion for all kinds of games, and spend hours at the computer, in roulette, poker or craps, but they will never succeed to know the true beauty of the entertainment if they do not bet at least one cent. In this case, they'll look at the games with completely different eyes. Whether or not to deprive yourself of this pleasure, if you need to take risks for the sake of a really small amount?

By the way, even professional players and High Roller do not disdain the minimum bets. Sometimes they get tired of the stress, which inevitably involves big games, however, they can not refuse not to play at all. In this case, they just sit at the table playing ay the minimum for pleasure.

Of course, every online casino sets the minimum deposit for it's account, but its size, as a rule, is rarely significant even for a poor player. Moreover, any good online casino gives bonuses for for any deposit, increasing players' chances of winning. In the corresponding section of Casinoz, you can find main popular casinos and their requirements to the size of the deposit and bonus policy.

Remember that a game becomes real gambling only when there is a chance to win or lose real money (even small ones).

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