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We want to say that by a good blackjack player, we mean someone who plays exclusively on the result and knows how to make a living with this game. At the same time, we think such casino customers are rare.

We do not want to offend many fans of blackjack among our readers. Do you read many books about the game, regularly communicate on discussion forums, and persistently hone skills using optimal strategies, card counting, shuffle tracking, and other techniques? All this does not make you a professional.

The only criterion is your overall bankroll after several thousand hours of play.

  • Is it positive?
  • Or at least in a positive trend?
  • How often do you play for real money?
  • Can you calm yourself and strictly adhere to the strategy, betting systems, and card counting?

Think about it.

Where to Play Blackjack Professionally

Moreover, if we speak frankly, online casinos are not the most appropriate place for a professional blackjack player. If you can still find the best rules, you still have to forget about counting cards.

Card counters in small offline casinos are detected very quickly. Sometimes, everyone who has won twice is considered a card counter.

Being young and naive, the author of this article tried to try on the role of a professional player. However, a month later, he had to abandon this idea.

People who behave correctly at the blackjack table automatically raise suspicion of the pit bosses, who are used to acting foolishly. So soon, under various pretexts, they stopped letting me in all decent casinos, which repeated in different regions of the country.

Name Soft Return to player

Is Professional Online Blackjack Gambling Possible?

Online gambling enthusiasts may ask a reasonable question:

Why not play blackjack in an online casino?

Indeed, it has numerous undeniable advantages:

  • A wide variety of game variations,
  • Often favorable rules and high RTP (Return to Player),
  • Lack of direct control from the administration,
  • The ability to use cheat sheets,
  • Wide betting limits, and so on.

Moreover, the format of virtual casinos itself has a multitude of merits:

  • Welcome bonuses for newcomers,
  • Incentive promotions for regular customers,
  • Comp points and other privileges within loyalty programs,
  • Blackjack tournaments, including free events of this kind,
  • No transportation or other incidental expenses,
  • High level of security in reputable clubs,
  • Time-saving, and so on.

However, online blackjack does have an important drawback that outweighs all the pros:

In an online casino, you won't be able to gain a mathematical edge over the house while playing blackjack.

If a game has a 99.8% payback, it will take away 0.2% of your bets in the long run. You can increase the RTP through card counting and other professional techniques in land-based casinos. They don't work online (with very rare exceptions).

Furthermore, even if you prefer this thrilling game, you will face difficulties with using promotions. Gambling operators often do not allow bonus wagering in blackjack or set unfavorable conditions. Similar restrictions may apply to the comp points system and other rewarding activities.

In short, the prospect of making a living through playing blackjack in an online casino seems uncertain unless you find a game with a payback of over a hundred percent and a casino with favorable rules.


That's why he, knowing how to play blackjack, does not consider himself a professional. No practice - no skills.

After all, not everything in this craft is limited to knowledge of the optimal strategy and the ability to count cards.

And what about your level of play?

Frequently asked Questions

❓ Is it possible to make blackjack your profession in 2024?

It is not easy to earn a living by playing blackjack. Pit bosses do not welcome card counters. Blackjacks with low house edges are not widely spread. At online casinos, it is almost impossible to get an advantage over the casino. 

😎 Can I beat online casinos playing blackjack?

Of course, you can win playing blackjack, but internet casinos will have a mathematical advantage over you in the long run. 

🤑 Is card counting in blackjack really efficient in 2024?

Card counting is essential if you are going to play at land-based casinos. On gambling websites, it is almost useless.

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