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Blackjack is the most intellectual gambling game of all that can be found in casinos. Your results in it depend not only on luck, but also on your skills. The odds of victory increase significantly if you are able to count cards or use some other techniques. It is impossible in online games with random number generators, but blackjack with live dealers at online casinos provides you with the theoretical probability. Of course, features of cutting and burning hole cards complicate this task, but who knows - maybe you will be able to take advantage of the fact that this game is played with real dealers. You can check this out in Live Blackjack from Playtech, which is available at many modern online casinos.

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Live Blackjack by Playtech
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Where to Play Live Blackjack?

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Live Blackjack from Playtech can be found in many online casinos running on software from this manufacturer. The portal Casinoz recommends that you should pay attention to establishments that are included in Top 10 according to our readers. The highest position in this ranking belongs to EuroGrand Casino.
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Online Casinos with Live Blackjack for Canadians

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How to Play Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack released by Playtech is a classic version of blackjack. The player should score more points than the dealer without exceeding 21. Payouts are made by the program. Blackjack is paid 3:2 and insurance 2:1. Users can make basic bets in the range from $5 to $50, and side bets on a player pair or a dealer pair in the range between $2 and $100. Seven casino customers may play simultaneously.
Eight standard 52-card decks are used while playing. Cards are dealt from a shoe. The croupier shuffles approximately four decks. She deals two cards to herself (face up and face down) and stands on a hard and soft 17. The player can make a double on any two cards, even after a split. It is allowed to split and resplit aces. One card is dealt for hands with split aces.
The gameplay does not differ from the traditional blackjack. The player chooses a denomination of chips, makes a bet and receives two cards. Then he or she will decide whether to hit or stand, make a double or split. When all the players make their decisions, the dealer faces up her hole card. If she does not have seventeen points, she hits. The croupier in this game just deals the cards and pronounces the score of a hand. The payouts are made by the program.
If the connection is lost loss or the player exits until the end of the deal, bets are not lost. When the user enters the game next time, he or she will be redirected to the same version of blackjack with the random number generator where he or she will be able to finish this hand. The cards will be transferred there.
Playing Blackjack with Live Dealers

Live Blackjack Interface

The interface of Live Blackjack from Playtech has been carefully though out and therefore it is very convenient. First of all, it should be noted that users may choose between two modes: regular and video. Let's discuss the regular mode first.
In this mode, the program window may be conditionally divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part has three panels:
The central panel contains a screen on which the working dealer is displayed. If you hover the cursor over this screen, three icons will appear at the top. The left one turns off the broadcast from the studio, the central one zooms in the dealer and the right icon switches between regular mode and video mode.
The left panel contains information about the current game: bet, win and history.
The right panel provides information about betting limits, game code and server time. If you click on Chat Room, a chat window will be opened instead of this panel. Customers can communicate with the dealer in it. The dealer will respond to you verbally.
The lower part of the window in regular mode is a blackjack table at which players make bets. It displays dealt cards, chips and so on.
Below users can find a cashier window and a text window, the buttons Cashier, Menu and Close. As soon as the player makes a bet, the buttons that regulate the gameplay appear.
The full-screen in video mode is occupied by an image of the dealer with the major information about the game above.
Options of Live Blackjack allow you to adjust the speed and other parameters of the game, turn off the sound and select some video settings.
The Female Croupier at Eurogrand Casino

Should You Play Live Blackjack for Real Money in Canada?

Live Blackjack from Playtech is a great opportunity to play your favorite game not with the random number generator, but with a live croupier who deals real cards. Of course, you can hardly practice card counting, shuffle tracking and other techniques, but it is possible to plunge into the atmosphere of live casinos.
Very pleasant and polite female dealers are working in this studio. Special cards with huge indices are used in this game. The room, which is being broadcast, has gorgeous interior. In general, there is everything to have a great time playing blackjack.
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