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Numerous books, websites and publications in the media cover all disadvantages and negative aspects of gambling. The factors that cause the development of gambling addiction, methods of counteracting problem gambling and other issues related to this topic are discussed in several dozen articles on the Casinoz website.

In addition, laypersons believe that gambling is closely associated with criminals, various types of crime, debauchery, and other vicious activities. Many people argue that if you at least try to play cards or dice, your life will be ruined.

However researchers have another opinion. For example, they have come to the conclusion that card games have a lot of advantages and even have a beneficial effect on health. Their advantages are described in the article below.

What Capacities Can Be Developed by Playing Cards?

When playing cards, you not only entertain yourself, but also develop various skills and abilities.

    Math skills - It is necessary to take into consideration possible options, make calculations in your mind, and determine the probability of victory in one or the other situation. Psychological skills - You learn how to control your emotions, bluff, figure out intentions of opponents taking into account their mimics, etc. Memory development - A good player keeps in mind discarded cards and memorizes actions of opponents, which improves memory. Communicative skills - In the modern world, many people experience the lack of real communication. Card games with real opponents improve communicative skills in the informal medium.

Besides, sitting at the card table gamblers meet people of different professions, ages, from other countries and of various social standings. Each of them can teach others something, which increases life experience and widens your horizons.

What are Health Benefits of Playing Cards for Aged People?

Does your grandfather enjoy playing poker with friends and your grandmother does not mind playing bridge? If they play for fun or make small bets, don't worry. Card games may be beneficial for them.

Let's enumerate key advantages of such activities:

    Stimulation of cognitive capacities

With age, the cognitive abilities of individuals reduce. As a result, memory deteriorates, attention is diminished, learning ability decreases, and sometimes even dementia develops. However we should not consider such problems as inevitable satellites of aged individuals. Recent researches have demonstrated that the brain is able to perform most of its functions productively throughout the entire life if it is sufficiently stimulated.

Card games can be a great simulator for the brain. Bridge, rummy, numerous versions of poker make players concentrate on the gameplay, choose the optimal strategy, take into account the actions of opponents, and make other decisions. Being an excellent entertainment, they simultaneously make the brain active, causing it to produce new cells.

In 2014, experts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that fans of card games and table games, as well as all kinds of puzzles, had a bigger brain size than those who did not enjoy such entertainments.

It is an important parameter, since the development of degenerative diseases, including senile dementia, is associated with its decrease.

To be sure, you can stimulate brain activity in other ways, but if card games make you enjoy, why not to prefer this method.

Users can play cards with real opponents or using computer software. Free demo mode or real gambling at casinos is also suitable. However keep in mind that we are talking about skill-based games that require making decisions. For example, video poker or online blackjack can be an excellent exercise for the brain.

It is hardly worth considering card games as an effective means of combating Alzheimer's disease and other degenerative processes, but researchers find them useful anyway. Let's listen to the neurologist Keith Josephs of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota:

Card games are rather able to delay manifestations of the disease, which allows patients to function better. - AARP

Preferring casino card games, keep in mind that there are risks associated with the development of problem gambling. It's unlikely that you want to turn into an aged addicted gambler trying to cope with dementia.

Activation of the immune system

There is strong evidence that cards are able to strengthen immunity. We are talking about bridge, poker, blackjack, and other games of chance that require concentration, math skills, and strong memory. They increase the number of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes responsible for fighting infections. They are also called T-killers, because they destroy cells affected by various germs.

This hypothesis was confirmed by the research of the neurologist Marian Diamond. Aged fans of bridge were enrolled in her study. After playing cards, the content of cytotoxic T-cells of the CD4 subpopulation increased.

Recreational activities

At least two studies have confirmed that card games help patients treated from alcoholism and drug addiction to return to normal life. Cards decrease the level of cortisol in blood, which reduces stress and improves mood.

That's why many recreational centers offer bridge or pinockle. Of course, card games with wagering the real money are not allowed in such establishments, because former alcoholics or drug addicts may become victims of another addiction  problem gambling.

Reduced stress

In elderly people there is an elevated level of stress-related hormones. Since the body does not cope with them, they lead to the development of hypertension, weaken the immune system, and cause depression. Card games in a pleasant company relax, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Struggle with loneliness

Many elderly people feel lonely. This problem is particularly relevant for the elderly who lost their husbands or wives in their declining years. Adult children live their own lives. Colleagues are gone. Neighbors do not always turn out to be pleasant people. Many friends are already dead. In this situation, it is easy to fall into depression.

Collective card games help make new friends and kill the blues. It does not really matter where to play: in a club for elderly people, in a kitchen, or somewhere else. The main thing is that such entertainment helps them to cope with loneliness.

For Children

Before we continue to discuss the topic, we want to warn our readers:

Authors of Casinoz are unanimous in the opinion that children may not gamble wagering money or valuable things. Card games that are arranged for educational or entertainment purposes only are discussed below.

Perhaps you think that cards are not a game for children. We absolutely agree with you if you mean gambling. The later children learn about the world of gambling in any of its manifestations the better.

However card games can be useful even for those who have not yet reached the age of majority. Let's enumerate some advantages:

    Communication - In the modern world, the problem of real communication deficiency is growing. Children from an early age get used to living in the virtual world of social networks. Many card games, originally created for youngsters, give the opportunity to have fun together with peers. Development - In our article, skills developed by card games are mentioned above. All of them are suitable in this case. Card games can be used to strengthen children's memory, calculation skills, etc. Entertainment - Teachers know that representatives of a younger generation can hardly by captivated by calm monotonous activities. Cards can help in this case. Many card games are very exciting and able to calm down even the most violent mischievous children.

We want to repeat once again: Casinoz does not appeal to give decks of cards to children. We don't support card games with the participation of children.

Extra Advantages

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, card games have other benefits.

    Compact size of card decks allows taking them during trips and journeys. Most card games do not require additional equipment. When you shuffle cards, you improve your reflexes and sensory-motor skills that provide coordination. The wide range of card games allows any individual to find a game in accordance to his or her taste.

Do you want to expand our list? Feel free to write comments.


Do you believe in any beneficial effects of card games on the mental and physical health? Are they useful or detrimental?

We invite readers of Casinoz to join the discussion. Share your opinion and personal experience. Feel free to provide advices.

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