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Most online casinos that do not specialize in gambling of a particular category offer one or more models of baccarat to their customers. It is usually a version called mini baccarat, in which the user acts against the house, trying to guess the outcome of the round between the banker and the conditional player.

The kind of baccarat called Dragon Bonus derives from land-based establishments. Nowadays it is available on the online portals. This is probably the most common version of this game with side bets. The article covers its rules.

General Description

Dragon Bonus Baccarat is played using one or more standard 52-card decks without jokers. They are shuffled before each deal. In most cases, there are six or eight decks.

In brick and mortar casinos the cards are dealt from a shoe in this case and discarded cards are placed in the discard tray, where they are stored until the moment when the dealer will put them into the shoe again. All the cards are involved in each deal in flash games based on the random number generator.

The opponent of the client is a casino. The aim of the game is to receive the payout for predicting the outcome of the round. There are three available options: the victory of the banker, the victory of the player or a tie.

The croupier deals cards to the banker and the player, drawing them strictly according to the rules.

In short, the hand with nine points (natural 9) or the score that is the closest to nine wins. Aces bring one point. The cards from deuce to nine are valued according to their ranks. Tens and all faces are worth ten points. If the score exceeds ten points, the first digit from the left side is not taken into account (for example, a five and a nine bring a 14, which means 4 points).

Winning bets on the player or the banker are paid according to the 1:1 ratio. When the payout for a banker bet is made, an additional 5% commission is charged off. The tie bet is paid 8:1 (sometimes 7:1 or rarely 9:1).

The rules for drawing the third card are described in a special article on the portal Casinoz. In fact, you can play without understanding these principles, since the calculation of points and determination of the winner are carried out automatically.

It is allowed to bet only on one position.

Each of the three bets has their own payout percentage. If you play according to the classic rules, the house edge of a casino is: banker bet - 1.06%, player bet - 1.24%, tie bet - 14.36%. The various factors may affect these indices: commission fee (banker bet), number of decks, multipliers (tie bet) and some others.


The game starts with the fact that the client makes bets. The dragon bonus side bet is optional.

Then the croupier deals two cards both for the banker and the player. If the need arises, the third card is dealt.

Then the gamer determines the winning position (banker or player). If the scores are equal, the tie bet wins.

The final stage of the round includes payouts for winning bets.

Side Bets

Dragon Bonus Baccarat provides the opportunity to make a side bet either on the banker or player. It is paid if a natural 9 is formed or if the spread exceeds four points.

Payouts are calculated in the following way:

  • Natural 9 - 1:1
  • Spread is 4 points - 1:1
  • Spread is 5 points - 2:1
  • Spread is 6 points - 4:1
  • Spread is 7 points - 6:1
  • Spread is 8 points - 10:1
  • Spread is 9 points - 30:1

If a natural 9 is formed at both positions, the bet is returned.

In all other cases the bet loses.

If you make a player bet in the version of Dragon Bonus with the multipliers mentioned above, the house edge is 2.65%. If you make a banker side bet, it increases up to 9.37%.


The models of Bonus Dragon baccarat may vary by the number of decks, multipliers for a tie bet and a side bet, commission fees for a banker bet, as well as several other nuances.


This type of baccarat is offered at some online casinos with live dealers. The game is usually played according to the traditional rules described above.

As for the recommendations for the game, you will find them in a special section on our site. Keep in mind that the most important indicator is a theoretical payout percentage provided for each particular bet.

We are looking forward to seeing your opinion about Dragon Bonus Baccarat. Write it in the comments.

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