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ePassporte is a payment system established in 2003. After registration of the virtual account in ePassporte, the user additionally receives Visa Virtual or Visa Electron cards. Herewith, the necessary condition is to own Visa Classic. This system won the most recognition from the audience in online casinos. Unfortunately, this payment system has a list of countries which residents are unable to use it. Some of the list are members of ex-Soviet Union and some countries of Middle and Far East. However, ePassporte doesn't use a strict protection system of the residents of disliked countries, like Neteller does, so you can pass the registration and start using it if you wish. However, the gamblers from the listed countries don't hurry up to use this system in spite of its popularity all over the world and high security level.

During the registration the users are suggested to choose one of the account types - private or business. Business account has another couple of options. Private account is the simplest and anonymous. To register it, you don't need to make any special efforts, but please don't forget that all provided information has to be fair. As soon as successful registration is completed, the user is automatically provided with Visa Virtual or Visa Electron. To receive the card, the customer has to send at least twenty five dollars to the account, five of which should be paid for the annual service of virtual card. If the customer doesn't have Visa Classic, he’ll be suggested to receive it by post and paid thirty five dollars more. This way, the first deposit can cost sixty dollars to the customer, that is quite expensive comparing to other payment systems. To create a business account, the customer has to pass more complicated procedure of registration. First of all he need to send copies of some documents confirming his personality to the managers of ePassporte. Herewith, he has to take in account that this type of account only suits for the special kinds of payments. When the documents are sent, the user has to pay one hundred thirty five dollars (100 for the account and 35 for Visa).

To pass the registration in ePassporte the residents of prohibited countries can make a business account there. There are no restrictions for this type of account by countries, so even the citizens of ex-Soviet Union can open the business account here. However, if you don't want to spend a lot to this expensive account, you can find a different way. The owners of business accounts are in right to create personal account and use them in their own discretion. So, if you have somebody who has this type of account, you can simple ask them to create a private account for you and start using it.

As this payment system interacts with Visa, it is one of the most convenient and fast way to withdraw the funds or charged the account. However, you can also make deposits by European direct bank transfer except of Visa. Commission taken for filling the account is 5%. However, if the customer uses American online checks, commission is reduced to 2% after the first deposit. This amount is fixed and doesn't depend on the amount of the transfer. The payment system has limits for deposits and withdrawals. The maximal amount of the single refilling is five hundred dollars by Visa Virtual. Five deposits are possible during twenty four hours. The same rules work for the withdrawals. This amount rises up to one thousand dollars for the owner of business accounts.

ePassporte offers quite expensive services to the users. However, the customers of this company can be sure in safety and security of their funds.

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Foundation date 2003
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