50 Line Face the Ace Review

In the following review we are going to discuss details of «Face the Ace» video pokers produced by CTXM company which can be played on several hands. As an example we would like to talk about «50 Line Face the Ace» game. This company also has models with other number of lines (four, twenty and etc.) in its gaming assortment. It is the only difference they make to this version, that’s why there is no sense in discussing them separately.

8.75 /10
50 Line Face the Ace

Where to Play 50 Line Face the Ace?

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You can easily find «50 Line Face the Ace» in one of online casinos, powered by the software developed by CTXM company. We recommend you to pay attention of Adam Eve Casino, although it is far not the only worthy gambling house powered by this soft.
All the online casinos provide an opportunity to play «50 Line Face the Ace» in a training mode, while some of them even allow launching video pokers without registration.
It is also possible to test «50 Line Face the Ace» game right at Casinoz by the virtual bets.
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Online Casinos with 50 Line Face the Ace for Canadians

How to Play 50 Line Face the Ace

«50 Line Face the Ace» free online video poker is a multi-line variation of «Face the Ace» poker produced by CTXM.
The aim of the game is to make paid combinations on maximal number of hands. It is allowed to make one free cards exchange.
The user can bet from one to five coins which value varies from one to ten cents per deal. This way, the total bet can’t exceed twenty five dollars.
Standard decks (by the number of lines) of fifty two cards with no jokers are used in «50 Line Face the Ace» video poker. Every hand is dealt with cards from the special deck. All cards are necessarily shuffled before each deal.
Standard poker combinations from a pair of jacks to royal flush are paid in «50 Line Face the Ace» video poker. The outstanding feature of this model is that wins by Four of a Kind of deuces, jacks-kings and aces are calculated by different multipliers.
The most valuable combination of this game is royal flush. If you make it playing by five coins, you win so called dragon prize. Its amount is four thousand bets, that is much higher than a payoff by royal flush on lower bets.
The theoretical payback index of «50 Line Face the Ace» video poker is 97% (according to the official information).
Although «50 Line Face the Ace» video poker is played by fifty lines, the player gets cards on one hand after he sets up coins value and places the bet. He has to choose which of them to exchange.
The rest cards are duplicated on all fifty boxes. Then new cards from the special decks are dealt on each of them. Payoffs by all formed combinations are summarized.
Then the customer can risk the won amount in the gambling feature, which is implemented in a classic form here. In this round you would see four face-down and one open cards. The aim is to find a card which can hit the one lying face up among four face-down from the first attempt.
Lucky choice doubles up your win. Meanwhile, a wrong choice leads to the loss of the bet. It is possible to play up to five times running without right for mistake.

50 Line Face the Ace Bonus games

There are no bonuses in «50 Line Face the Ace» game (except of increased payoff by royal flush by the maximal bet).


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in this version of video poker.

50 Line Face the Ace Interface

An unusual interface is the particularity of all video pokers produced by CTXM company. «50 Line Face the Ace» model would also please you with an original and very beautiful design. You can maximize the screen and admire the stunning background.
Well, we won’t describe different elements of the interface in details, because you can download this video poker in your original language. It lets you study everything out on your own.
The useful information by the game can be found in the special line, which is situated under the cards. New tips are displayed at every stage of the game.

Should You Play 50 Line Face the Ace for Real Money in Canada?

«50 Line Face the Ace» video poker was created for the fans of speedy game, because everything develops quite fast when you play on fifty hands. It can also suit the tastes of the gamblers, who are fascinated by Four of a Kind combinations. Four aces are paid higher than straight flush in «50 Line Face the Ace».
If you are looking for the most profitable for the customer kind of video poker, «50 Line Face the Ace» is not for you. The casino advantage is three percent here, that is quite high for the video pokers.
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