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Most modern online casinos offer deposit bonuses to new and regular customers. Opening the user account and making the first deposit seem particularly tempting. Often, these bonuses are given to the first few deposits, and their total amount can reach several thousand dollars.

However we strongly recommend Casinoz readers carefully study the rules for calculating and wagering bonuses before submitting a request for them.

Moreover, you should learn to calculate whether the bonus benefits the player or if the casino has a certain percentage of mathematical advantage.

This may seem challenging, but in reality, it is precisely the opposite. Almost any player can determine whether taking a particular bonus makes sense. We will teach you how to determine their actual value.

Online Casino Bonus Rules

The first thing you should consider in the rules is withdrawing the bonus after fulfilling wagering conditions.

The reason is that some bonuses are available only for playing. Customers may not withdraw them from the account after they complete wagering. Such bonuses do not deserve your attention.

Look for bonuses that can be withdrawn, although they are not easy to get, as any casino does not give up. You will have to make bets in the amount that would exceed the bonus a few dozen times.

Then, read the conditions of bonus wagering. Remember that you must play through only the bonus in some cases, while your deposit and bonus in others. Of course, the first is better.

Choosing Games for Bonus Wagering

Next, find out what games you may wager a bonus in. Of course, it should be a game with a minimal house edge—ideally, blackjack, video poker, French roulette, craps, etc. But make no mistake about this.

Almost all casino games exclude them from the list of games for wagering or set off to wager a small portion of bets (50%, 30%, 20%, or even 2%).

Even bets for money (e.g., video slots) are prohibited when wagering.

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Internet Casino Bonus Wagering

When you find the best game, count your theoretical loss at wagering under the conditions and compare them with the bonus amount. In practice, it looks like this.

  • For example, you have a 100% bonus and must win it back thirty times.
  • If you deposit a hundred dollars, you will be charged another hundred. To get it, you need to make bets of three thousand (100x30 = 3000).
  • Let's assume that the best game where you can win back the bonus is a slot machine with a return of 97.5%.
  • This means that out of one hundred dollars bet in this video slot, you will lose $2.5. Consequently, you will lose $25 in one thousand and three thousand - $75.

It turns out this is just a theoretically beneficial bonus because you will get only seventy-five dollars out of one hundred dollars (once again, it is in theory).

Almost all manufacturers provide information on RTPs in their games. You can use this information to calculate the true value of deposit bonuses.

Tips for choosing the best online casino bonuses

Frequently asked Questions

💰 What is bonus wagering?

To wager a bonus means to make a certain total amount of bets. Only after that you may cash out the bonus. For example, the bonus is $100, and the wager is x30. It means you must wager $3000. 

🤨 Are all online casino bonuses profitable for customers?

Not at all. Many bonuses are lame. They help casinos rob players of their money. 

💎 What casino bonuses are the best?

Players love no-deposit bonuses with modest wagers. Of course, they are pretty rare. Free bonuses are available in many online casinos, but their wagers are usually very high. 

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