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Counting cards allows a player to get mathematical advantage over the casino in blackjack. For this reason almost all gambling establishments try to prohibit counting. They do not want customers to beat them on a long term.

In a real casino you may be asked to leave the room only for a reason that a pit boss does not like your system of bets. It gives them a reason to suspect you of counting cards. At a minimum, you will create unbearable conditions for the game - and you leave yourself.

Online casinos can not track progress of a game of each client, so they solve the problem with counters much easier. They mix all the cards involved in the game before each new distribution. Therefore, using all decks in all distributions. This approach completely defeats the counting even in One Deck Blackjack.

But a few years ago online casinos offered an opportunity to play blackjack with live dealers. They do not shuffle after each round and use real decks or distribute cads by hands on real casino rules. Thus, counting cards makes sense. But how effective it can be in this case? Is there not here some pitfalls? Unfortunately, there is.

The fact that one of the key factors in the effectiveness of card counting is depth of cutting decks in front of their bookmarked deck. The more cards left in the game after cutting, the higher the probability of winning at counting cards. Each counter knows that.

But online blackjack with live dealers uses about half of all the cards. In other words, if in 8-deck blackjack shuffle begins when they played about four decks.

Such procedures may be specifically changed by online casino rules or hide behind fuzzy wording about shuffling at regular time intervals. In the second case, as you can guess, there will be no more than half of all the cards in the game.

So, you can not successfully count cards in blackjack with live dealers in online casinos. Counting will almost never be enough high or low, so you can vary the size according to the rates or make changes to the basic strategy.

We can not say that counting cards is generally unhelpful in this case, but its effectiveness is too insignificant. And it is simply not enough to gain an advantage over the casino.

Summing up all the above, counting cards in blackjack with live dealers has washed away the expected result. If you have an excellent account in one of the systems, and it does not prevent you from taking the right decisions on the basic strategy, but do not expect too much. You will hardly succeed in playing blackjack with live dealers online, although right now we can’t deny an honest live Eurogrand casino blackjack.

We would like to see your opinions and we are very glad if you can convince us!

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