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MoneyMail is Russian online payment system which was established in 2004. With help of this system the customers can pay for the services and goods provided by online stores, pay mobile operators, Internet providers, make deposits in poker rooms and online casinos or just send money or issue invoice to the appropriate e-mails.

The owner of MoneyMail is Megafon J. S. Co., but the controlling stake belongs to Finam holding. Exactly Finam bank provides safety of the customers’ funds and security of all transactions.

MoneyMail is the simple and convenient in use payment system, so its popularity rises up more and more every day. The partners of this system are such famous banks as Russian Standard, Rosbank, Raiffeisen Bank, Alfa Bank Express, Home Credit, Impacsbank, Citibank.

To pass the registration in MoneyMail, you need to visit their official website and fill provided form, which includes your e-mail, date of birth and a security code. Then you’ll be e-mailed with a letter with a link. You need to go by this link to complete the registration. E-mail address provided while registration becomes the customer’s account number. MoneyMail allows to open accounts of two kinds - anonymous and trust. As it was already mentioned above, you don't need to provide your name, surname and passport data while registration. That’s why all new accounts are anonymous. If the user is satisfied with such account, he can leave everything as it is. However, if the customer wants to get special privileges, he need to pass personification. After this procedure he gets a trust account. Changing the status, the owner of the account gets some privileges. For example, extended limits for operations, easily restored password, an opportunity to get a credit in partner banks. To change the status of the account from anonymous to trust, it is necessary to sign the documents sent by post or by courier (for the citizens of Moscow). Filling the documents it is necessary provide fair data, because the company is in right to cancel the contract in the other case.

To fill MoneyMail account, you can use one of the following options:

- by csh in IMpacsbank or Megawatt Bank;

- by MasterCard or Visa;

- by prepaid cards;

- by check;

- by bank transfer;

- by such payment systems as Contact, Unistream, OSMP;

- by Unicassa and other terminals.

The withdrawals of funds can be made by different ways as well, including:

- in offices of CONTACT;

- by cash in Finam bank;

- to any ruble account in any bank;

- to the credit card.

All payments made by MoneyMail are secured by code protection. Every payment can be locked by code word and the recipient can get access to money only after he fills it. Payment with code word can be confirmed during thirty days. If it hasn't happened, the payment is sent back.

MoneyMail is a secure payment system which help of which it is possible to transfer funds, but also to use invoices for services or remind about debt. Simplicity of use and fast registration make MoneyMail a very convenient payment method for financial operations.


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