European Progressive Roulette
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European Progressive Roulette Review

Progressive jackpots are available in various games of online casinos. Roulette is not an exception. The range of models, which are offered by famous manufacturers of software for online casinos, often includes roulette with progressive jackpots.

One of such games is the European Progressive Roulette from the reputable company iSoftBet. This is the colorful roulette with an abundance of user settings, interesting system of jackpot drawings and other features that have made it popular among many customers of online casinos running on software from this brand.

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How to Play European Progressive Roulette

European Progressive Roulette is a European roulette with traditional rules and the only exception consisting in the presence of the progressive jackpot. It can be won with the help of an additional bet. We are going to describe it below.
In general, users play European Progressive Roulette according to the traditional principles. General rules for roulette are described in the separate article on the website Casinoz.
The user makes bets on the field (there are no announced sector bets, neighbor bets, finals, complete bets, etc.). Then the virtual croupier spins the ball. When it falls into a pocket with a number, payouts are made according to placed bets.
Wagers at European Progressive Roulette are accepted in a fairly wide range. It is possible to stake from ten cents to ten euros on a number. Up to 125 euros is accepted on columns and dozens and a bet of up to 250 euros can be placed on equal chances.
The manufacturer has not mentioned the theoretical payout percentage of European Progressive Roulette, but we believe that it should be 2.7% for basic bets. This index may vary depending on the size of the jackpot for additional bets.

European Progressive Roulette Bonus games

Bonus payouts of the European Progressive Roulette are discussed in the next section, devoted to the jackpot.


The progressive jackpot and three extra bonus payouts are available at European Progressive Roulette. Players need to make an additional bet to participate in the drawing. Its size is fixed and comprises one euro.
If the user wins two spins in a row betting on the number, he gets fifteen euros as a bonus. If he wins the third spin in a row staking on the number, he receives two hundred euros more. The fourth successful spin in a row brings a bonus of three thousand euros. The player becomes the owner of the entire amount of the progressive jackpot if he succeeds in doing this five times.
Therefore before winning the jackpot, the player will receive three extra bonus payouts. Details can be found in the rules for European Progressive Roulette.

European Progressive Roulette Interface

One of the major advantages of European Progressive Roulette is a convenient and functional interface. It is intuitively understandable and our readers will be able to manage it within a couple of minutes.
The main part of the screen is occupied by the image of the roulette table. In the upper right corner of the display there is the pay table with the jackpot and bonus payouts. In the lower left corner users can see the most recent winning numbers and the zoomed in sector of the roulette wheel in which the ball stopped. There is no need to describe the elements of the control panel. They can be easily understood.
Pay attention to numerous user settings. They allow making changes to the design of the game.
Graphics of European Progressive Roulette is very realistic, so it seems that you really play in the brick and mortar casino. The achievement of such effect is also reached by the cool soundtrack.
European Progressive Roulette is not provided with automatic mode.


European Progressive Roulette is a good-quality European Roulette with a progressive jackpot. Even if you're not going to chase the jackpot, you can play it with pleasure betting small amounts.

Play European Progressive Roulette in Canadian Casino for Real Money

Users can play European Progressive Roulette either for free or for money at Netbet Casino. This online casino allows testing games in training mode without registration. The same opportunity is provided for the visitors of Casinoz.
We would appreciate your comments about European Progressive Roulette. Share your impressions of this game.
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