Galaxy Macau Casino review
Galaxy Macau Casino Resort is one of the largest in the world, it is part of the investment holding Galaxy Entertainment Group. The hotel contains a variety of activities for all tastes, such as tropical gardens, luxury holiday bungalows, indoor VIP club, Banyan Tree Spa, six pools and a 2000 square meter beach with 350 tons of white sand. The pool is a kind of artificial sea - with the help of special devices waves up to 1.5 m are created here, which is quite enough for windsurfing.
Galaxy Macau Casino Resort is one of the largest in the world, it is part of the investment holding Galaxy Entertainment Group. The hotel contains a variety of activities for all tastes, such as...
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Galaxy Macau Casino is a large entertainment complex with an area of ​​the entire gaming space of 550,000 m2, which is part of the group of companies of the investment holding Galaxy Entertainment Group.

The hotel includes several tropical gardens, luxury holiday bungalows, an indoor VIP club, Banyan Tree Spa, 6 swimming pools and a 2,000 square meter beach with 350 tons of white sand.

Galaxy Macao Casino has a huge variety of entertainment besides the largest and most famous - casinos, but we'll talk about them below.


Galaxy Macao Casino is not only about casinos. The entertainment complex includes 3 luxury elite hotels: Banyan Tree, Hotel Okura and Galaxy Hotel, the total number of rooms of which is 2200. Visitors are provided with a huge range of different apartments so that guests can choose the perfect option for themselves and leave the hotel only with positive emotions.

Galaxy Macao Casino also has restaurants and cafes with different cuisines. According to the reviews of many hotel visitors, the food there is really tasty, so everyone who comes to this entertainment complex is simply obliged to pamper himself with these delicacies.

And of course the casino! We will talk about its merits a little below, but still say a few words. At the entrance to the casino you will be greeted by an incredibly beautiful diamond fountain, which is simply impossible to ignore. The casino is divided into 5 stylized gaming zones, where players can fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of excitement and winnings.

Galaxy Macau Casino story

The construction of the Galaxy Macao Casino began in 2002, but due to constant transfers and local problems, the institution opened only in 2011. According to official figures, the cost of the entire production cost 2 billion dollars.

After the opening of the first phase of the project in 2011 - the Cotai project, more than 2,200 hotel rooms were presented to visitors, including the tower of the Galaxy Macao hotel with 1,500 apartments, as well as two other hotels in this complex and, of course, the casino itself. The total area of ​​Galaxy Macao Casino was 550,000 m2, which already speaks of an impressive scale and authority.

On April 26, 2012, Galaxy Macao announced a "replenishment" and two other hotels were added to the resort: the JW Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton. But the expansion of the entertainment complex did not end there either. In 2013, the financial director of Galaxy Macao Casino, Robert Drake, officially announced that construction of two more hotels, which were predicted to open in 2016-2018, would begin soon.

According to a presentation released by Galaxy Entertainment, the total investment in Galaxy Phase 2 is estimated at HK $ 16 billion with completion scheduled for mid-2015. Phase 2 will include 450,000 square meters (4,800,000 sq. Ft.) Of new resort space, an additional 3,600 hotel rooms and an increase in casino tables by 500.

Galaxy Macau Casino casino

Galaxy Macao Casino is a luxury, an atmosphere of excitement and absolute comfort.

The casino provides its visitors with over 600 gambling tables for card games, roulette, over 1500 slot machines and craps. In addition to all this, the Galaxy gambling house has 5 independent sectors, each of which is a reflection of a certain theme and mood. As already mentioned, at the entrance you will be greeted by a huge diamond fountain, as well as a crystal chandelier hung over it. But this is not just a decorative item. During the performance, the chandelier and fountain interact with each other, raising a huge diamond from the water. This fantastic show is accompanied by luxurious music and quality visuals and lighting effects.


The Galaxy Macau complex houses over 50 restaurants of a wide variety of cuisines, where meals are prepared according to a special recipe with special ingredients. Each establishment has its own "bias", thanks to which you can easily choose a restaurant for your mood. For example, in one of the establishments you can taste the most elite wines, and in another - a huge range of whiskeys.

Of course, the main attraction of this resort center is the casino. It is divided into 5 large gaming zones, depending on the games, atmosphere, rates, etc. The gambling house includes 600 gaming tables and more than 1,500 slot machines. The most famous feature of the casino is its crystal chandelier at the entrance, which falls into the fountain during the show, accompanied by light music and effects.

The nightlife of Galaxy Macau should also be noted, which will certainly suit those who like fun and adrenaline. There are several nightclubs on the territory of the hotel, open until the morning, where visitors can enjoy loud music, delicious drinks, as well as the atmosphere itself.

But for lovers of quiet rest, there is also entertainment. For example, you can visit spas where you can relax with a massage or try out various body treatments. You can go to the 2000m2 beach with a huge pool and just enjoy the sun.

A separate entertainment since 2011 is the UA Galaxy Cinema, in which visitors can even watch 3D films. Among the VIP guests were such famous personalities as director-producer Cui Hark, action star Jet Li, as well as actors Chen Kun, Zhou Xun and many others.


The casino has 600 gambling tables for card games, including games such as poker, craps, roulette, etc. There are also more than 1,500 slot machines with various games, including "hot news", available to visitors.

The casino is divided into 5 parts independent from each other. In each of the zones, you can play a certain kind of gambling, feel the unique and atmosphere of a particular hall, as well as meet influential people who have visited the Galaxy Macau Casino.

How to get Galaxy Macau Casino

You can get from Hong Kong Airport to Macau by ferry, so the prices will be much cheaper and the trip to the hotel is cheaper.


Banyan Tree

Presidential Suite
The most luxurious and elite suite of the hotel, which includes a separate pool, garden, living room, dining room, hall, spacious bath, several separate bedrooms.
Villa Banyan Premium
Detached villa with private pool, 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, ideal for relaxing with family or friends.
Villa Banyan
Quiet, secluded villa for families or friends. The villa has several bedrooms, private pool, garden, living room, dining room.
Xin Jing Xuan Quan Yue
Ideal room for lovers with a separate spa treatment room and massage pool.
Yuezun Quanyue
This room features original design, a "king-size" bed and a large dining table.
Banyan Tree Springs
Spacious room with living room, dining area and private pool.


Galaxu Macau Casino restaurants are real works of art that everyone should try. These places combine incredible taste and aroma and exquisite style and observation.

Each restaurant has its own unique features, "zest" for which people come from different parts of the world.


Loyalty program

Gold Platinum Black Diamond
Discounts on films at UA Galaxy Cinemas 10% 15% 20% 20%
Food discounts 10% 15% 20% + 2 VIP-tickets 20% + 2 VIP-tickets
Free parking no 6 hours of free parking 12 hours of free parking Unlimited parking + Rolls-Royce limousine service
Personal assistant no no yes yes
Broadway Show discounts 10% 15% 20% Free or with a 20% discount
Purchases Exchange for exquisite gifts from Exchange for exquisite gifts 2% discount on purchases at participating retailers at Fashion Place Galaxy Macau 2% discount on purchases at participating retailers at Fashion Place Galaxy Macau


Galaxy Macao Casino is an incredible and luxurious place. The sight and scale alone are breathtaking. You want to come back to this resort complex again and again, as the beauty, atmosphere and luxury of this place beckons to come back.

Frequently asked Questions

Is there free WIFI?

Yes, the hotel provides guests with free WIFI

Is it possible to play with high-stakes in the casino?

Yes, the casino provides its guests with a dedicated high-stakes area.

Editorial rating
  • Exquisite hotel design
  • Wide range of entertainment
  • Tasty food
  • High cost (of both services and accommodation itself)
  • Getting to the hotel from the airport is quite problematic
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Slot machines 1500
Tables 600
Restaurants and bars 50
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Banyan Tree
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