Roulette Multiball
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Roulette Multiball Review

It is quite difficult to invent something cardinally new in roulette for the software developers for the online casinos. Anyway, there has to be a reel, where a ball, which determines the winning number, is launched. Meanwhile, the player needs to have a chance to stake bets by the gaming field. Otherwise, roulette is not roulette any more, but some other online gambling game. That’s why the software producers put emphasis on the particularities of the interface, graphics and general issues of functionality, releasing another model of virtual roulette. One of the new models is Roulette Multiball, developed by Novomatic Company. The main outstanding feature of this online roulette is participation of several balls at the gaming field in the same time. How is it possible? You would find out about it from the review of Roulette Multiball online game, prepared by the experts of Casinoz. 

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Roulette Multiball
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How to Play Roulette Multiball

Roulette Multiball is a free online roulette, developed by Novomatic, which can be played with several balls at once. Its quantity is selected by the player on his discretion. It is possible to launch up to ten balls in the same spin. The only one reel is used here.

The game goes on by the European rules in Roulette Multiball. All traditional bets (inside and outside) are acceptable here. Moreover, there is a chance to make oral bets by the additional track at the table marking. These tracks are indicated with Serie 5/8, Orphelins, Serie 0/2/3 and Zero captures. It is also possible to stake per neighbors.

The range of acceptable bets is extremely wide. The total bet per spin can vary in range from fifty credits to five thousand credits. The value of credits is determined by the rules of the casino.

The theoretical paback index of Roulette Multiball is the same as in the standard European roulette, because the general rules stay without changes. If you are not well familiar with it, the special article in the proper section of Casinoz would help you to study it out.

Roulette Multiball Symbols, Wild, Scatter

First the player has to select a quantity of balls, which would be moved in the reel. Then he would have to make bets. To make it, it is necessary to select the value of coins, set chips by the field with help of mouse and click at the start button.

Then the balls determine several winning numbers. The same number, by the clear reasons, can’t play twice during the spin. As soon as the spin is finished, the winnings are paid out in case some player’s bets played off.

Roulette Multiball Bonus games

Bonus payoffs or prize rounds are not provided by the rules of Roulette Multiball roulette.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Roulette Multiball online roulette.

Roulette Multiball RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Roulette Multiball Interface

First of all we would like to tell that the interface of Roulette Multiball is available in several European languages. A realistic image of the gaming roulette table is situated at diagonally at the screen of Roulette Multiball online game. The bets can be staked right by its marking.

Left from the table you can see a window of selection of used balls. You can select it by click at one of the numbered buttons or selecting colorful balls one by one.

Four control buttons of Roulette Multiball are situated a little righter. These buttons allow launching the ball in the standard and accelerated modes, repeat the bets and remove all the chips from the field. A panel with informational windows and chips of different values are available below.

In the diagonally opposite corner of Roulette Multiball window the range of available bets is displayed. There is a table with the latest winning numbers and a section with more detailed information by the drawings is situated next to this table.

The user’s settings give an opportunity to switch off the background music or sound at all and select size and proportions of the screen of Roulette Multiball online roulette.

Mobile Compatibility


Roulette Multiball can be interesting for the fans of European roulette, who like fast gameplay. Ten spins in the same round differ from ten rounds by one spin only by speed of the game, according to the long period and theoretical payback index. However, Roulette Multiball is also good with its quality graphics, a possibility to make oral bets and a convenient multi-language interface.

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