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Most casino customers pay little attention to the pace of the gaming process, but gambling operators know its importance. The reason is that owners of offline and online casinos are interested in the maximum speed of the game.

Who Profits from High Pace?

Casino management, equipment, software manufacturers, pit bosses, and even dealers want you to play as fast as possible. Why? There are two main reasons.

  • Firstly, the higher the game's pace, the more bets you make over a certain period. This means that the house edge in all games comes to life sooner. So, the casino can make more money from you.
  • Secondly, the game's high speed means an increased number of errors. The longer you think about each move, the higher your chances of doing the right thing. And that anyone except you does not need it.

There are also other reasons why they want to make you play faster. For example, the longer you are in the casino, the more it costs (in the bar, the hourly wages of croupiers, and so on). It is better to force you to increase the tempo and make you lose quicker.

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How Do Casinos Increase the Speed of Games?

The staff's high professionalism is the primary method of speeding up the gameplay in brick-and-mortar casinos. In high-quality casinos, dealers constantly hone their skills. Check how quickly they deal cards in blackjack or roulette. Everything is brought to automatism—no unnecessary movements.

  • Players also require the minimum. In blackjack, light hand movements to the dealer determine your decision. Roulette bets are accepted before the ball falls, or even orally.
  • Shuffle machines in blackjack minimize the time required to shuffle decks and further accelerate the pace.
  • Some casinos include a time limit for the decision in the rules. This is not always used in practice, but psychologically, it puts pressure on the player, forcing him to hurry.

Online games, in this regard, are even trickier. Many of them can use a single button. For example, in slot machines or scratch cards, you can specify the source data (denomination of the coin, the number of lines, and so on), after which just a single button press (or even a space on the keyboard) is left.

Moreover, you can activate automatic bets and then just watch what is happening on the screen.

Many online casinos offer modern video slots, table games, and card games with high system requirements. If you have a slow internet connection, you can reduce the graphics quality in some games to work much faster.

Perhaps the only online casino games, conceding the way, are with real dealers in this respect. Features of the process do not allow for imposing high speed. Moreover, sometimes the game is so slow that it becomes boring. But there is no doubt that casinos will eliminate this "deficiency" soon.

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How to Deal with Imposing a High Tempo of the Game?

The answer is simple: not to fight. You are the only participant in the game, which ultimately determines its speed. All that is required of you is resisting gambling and external psychological pressure.

Nobody can force you to make decisions faster than you wish.

Yes, the dealer will deal cards in blackjack at lightning speed and then blurt phrases corresponding to a game situation. But he can not force you to respond as quickly.

Pause briefly, think about it, and then calmly decide. The dealer may show how your tardiness irritates him. It may cause resentment from your partners at the table.

But you should not care. This is your distribution, you pay for! Therefore, you define how it will happen. Do not forget that you are a customer who is always right.

You can pause the game at any time and move on, even away from the table, not giving anyone an explanation. You came to have fun - so have fun! You do not have dealers, pit bosses, managers, or neighbors. And the staff should provide you with a comfortable stay. Do not hesitate to remind them about it if the need arises.

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When playing in an online casino, forget about the automatic mode and accelerated nonsense designed to quickly empty your pockets.

  • Enjoy the graphics and animation of slots at maximum quality.
  • Open scratch cards manually.
  • Pull the card in games that allow it. In short, have fun!
  • Take breaks if you know you tend to get involved in the gameplay.
  • Drink coffee (forget about alcohol at all!).
  • Do some other things to distract yourself and calm down a little.

Playing alone, you can skip a few hands in the brick-and-mortar casinos. And do not ignore the nagging neighbors, claiming that you tell them to "break the game." This is nonsense of hopeless losers who the casino intentionally supports.

So, learn to master the situation where you need to be.

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When Should You Raise the Pace?

Sometimes, you can try to increase the speed of the game. We are not talking about the period when you are "in luck." luck is one of the myths of the casino. No one knows when it starts or when it ends. Consequently, no one can tell when you should play actively or passively.

It's quite different if you are strong in blackjack or roulette and play in a real casino against a weak dealer. Imposing a high rate may force the dealer to make mistakes. Accordingly, if it benefits you, they can be silent.

However, such situations are an exception, although experienced dealers have probably met with clients who used such practices more than once while working in the casino.

Read other Casinoz articles about how to force the dealer to make mistakes.

Frequently asked Questions

🏍 In online casinos, should you play fast or slow?

In most cases, there is no need to hurry. If the mathematical advantage is on the side of the casino, the faster you play, the faster you lose your money.

🏎 When should you play casino games quickly?

Card counters speed up the game's pace because they have a mathematical advantage over the house. In land-based casinos, you can increase the game's speed if you are up against a weak dealer. They may make mistakes in your favor. Read about all aspects of the question in the article.

🚅 Do internet casinos force customers to play faster?

Yes, this practice is widely used. Spins in slots become shorter. Autoplay allows for the instant completion of rounds. Turbo modes increase the overall speed of the gameplay. And so on.

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