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It is now very rare that online casinos do not promise new and regular customers a variety of bonuses. Their generous offers attract gamblers, stimulating their dreams of fabulous prizes and push for immediate registration. How not to be tempted, if you have the opportunity to get a few tens of dollars or no risk, play for money for hours.

But is everything so good with bonuses?

In fact, the situation with them is not so joyful as advertising banners on websites online casinos say. There are many interesting offers, but most of them are beneficial for a casino, rather than a customer.

Let's see what you should know about bonuses not to be disappointed.


The most common offers in a casino for several years are bonuses accrued for deposits of players, and the greatest demand is for bonuses with no requirements to deposit.

In any case, pay attention to the rules for wagering. Specify whether it is possible to withdraw the amount of the "gift", or whether it is only for virtual games and allows you to receive a prize in excess of the original amount. In the second case getting some real money will be much harder.

Bonus Wagering

Carefully study the rules of wagering.

Casinos will not give you a penny if not meeting to certain conditions.

Most often you have to make bets of several tens of times larger than the bonus (or even a bonus plus deposit).

Casinoz has an article which explains how to calculate the theoretical profitability of a bonus, based on the conditions of his wagering. Be sure to read it.

  • Moreover, bonuses are usually not for all models. Also, it is common practice for blackjack, baccarat, craps, video poker and other games with a low house edge to count only a small fraction of bets placed. It becomes a trap for many inexperienced casino customers.
  • Getting the win, earned by a free bonus, sometimes is possible only after another deposit. That is, you were given, say, twenty dollars. You follow all the rules, conditions of wagering and remained in a positive territory of fifty dollars. But their withdrawal is possible only be after you make a deposit.
  • Many casino players do not read warnings and violate the rules of wagering bonuses, and immediately withdraw all their achievements. In other words, if you have not figured out something and asked to withdraw the amount received, you can not only get a refusals to the request, but also just lose all winnings.

Accordingly, before agreeing to receive a bonus, carefully read all the rules, including the general conditions of the user agreement and bonus policy. If at least one item is not clear for you, ask for written explanations of support and saw the conversation with staff. All this will help you in the future.


We hope our explanations and tips will help you with bonuses in online casinos. This topic on Casinoz is discussed in many other interesting and useful articles about the different types of such actions, their pitfalls, principles of calculating profitability bonuses and so on. Be sure to read them before you register at the casino.

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