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The luxurious Wynn Macau Hotel is located in the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The total area of ​​the establishment is about 30,000 m2 and includes:

  • two hotel towers containing about 1008 rooms
  • casino with an area of ​​25400 m2
  • retail space (5500 m2)
  • 8 luxury restaurants
  • 2 spa centers
  • large pool

The Wynn Macau features antiques on display in the hotel lobbies. For example, Chinese porcelain vases of the 18th century and Chinese tapestries, which carry a whole history, and also perfectly complement the overall interior of the institution.


Wynn Macau consists of two large towers that house the largest hotels in Macau.

The first tower is the 22-story Wynn Macau Resort & Casino, 100 meters high, built in 2006 for $ 1.2 billion (expanded at the end of 2007). Inside is the renowned casino, 600 hotel rooms, five restaurants, two bar areas, shops, a swimming pool, spa and conference room.

The second tower is the 206 meter high Encore at Wynn Macau, built in 2010. The hotel also includes a casino as well as over 400 luxury hotel rooms, two restaurants, a bar, shops and a spa.

In addition to hotels, Wynn Macau is home to the largest shopping area where visitors can purchase items from such well-known brands as Channel, Dior, Cartier, Hugo Boss, etc.

The gambling and entertainment complex has incredible restaurants with unique dishes. Visitors are presented with a wide variety of cuisines, so that from all that is offered, you can definitely find the perfect option. For example, if you want to spend an evening with a fine dining experience, you can go to Okada, Ristorante il Teatro, The Golden Flwoer or Wing Lei. If you just want an everyday family dinner, there are Cafe Esplanada, Red 8, Cafe Encore and 99 Noodles. At night, the bars become extremely inviting and charming, offering you three different options to choose from - Cinnebar, Bar Cristal or Wing Lei Lounge.

Wynn Resort Casino Macau story

The history of Wynn Macau began on September 6, 2006, when the hotel first opened its doors to visitors. However, despite the official start, the complex continued to build and modernized some parts of both individual hotels and the entire building as a whole.

So, a year later, in December 2007, Wynn Macau completed one of the extensions. The hotel has added additional play areas, grocery stores, and retail stores.

Just three years after its opening, Forbes magazine awarded the Wynn Macau the status of a 5-star hotel. The complex became one of the largest in all of Asia, and was also included in the list of the five organizations that managed to gain prestige from Forbes.

However, Wynn Macau did not stop there. Continuing to conquer the world arena. in 2016, the hotel became the only resort in the world to receive 8 independent Forbes awards. And now, in 2020, the hotel still has this status.

Continuing to modernize its resort, in 2010, Wynn Macau opened another tower - Encore, as well as a luxury boutique hotel that is fully integrated into Wynn Macau's existing operations, similar to Encore Las Vegas. Encore Macau has 410 suites, including 41 Grand Salon Suites, bringing the total number of rooms at Wynn Macau to 1,008.

Throughout the construction of the institution, the owners decorated it with antiques bought at auctions in a single copy. Wynn Macau acquired a group of Jiaqing period (1796-1820) porcelain vases at Christie's in London on July 7, 2011. The vases were purchased for 8 million £ ($ 12.8 million). “We are delighted to bring this exceptional work back to Macau City and the People's Republic of China,” said Roger Thomas, Executive Vice President of Design, Wynn Design and Development after the sale.

The Qing dynasty vases were exhibited at the Wynn Palace, and the Louis XIV-XVI-century chinoiserie tapestry of Louis XIV of the 16th century "The Emperor on the Go" is exhibited at the Wynn Macau. Other art at Wynn Macau includes Louis Rigal's drawing, Macanese silk embroidery, Louis XIV silk tapestry, two cloisonné camels, and Ming Dynasty sculpture.

Wynn Resort Casino Macau casino

The Wynn Macau Casino, with an area of ​​over 25,000 m2, offers approximately 212 table games and 375 slot machines. It is the first integrated Las Vegas-style resort in Asia that truly feels like Las Vegas.


Wynn Macau presents to its visitors a wide range of a wide variety of entertainment that have already gained worldwide fame. Each such area is filled with Chinese traditions, as well as a unique style that immerses guests in a certain atmosphere. But what so attracts visitors from all over the world?

Perfomance Lake

Every 15 minutes during the day there is an incredible show - Perfomance Lake. It lasts only 3 minutes, but this is enough to make a mesmerizing effect on the audience and attract their attention. Lake Perfomance is the perfect blend of sophisticated design and the latest technology: 800,000 gallons of water, over 300 water jets and 1,500 individually controllable colored LED lights. All this, that is, every element, is ideally combined with the selected music and leaves no one indifferent!

Moon Jelly Aquearium

This sight cannot be described in words, it is so bewitching.

The 11,000-liter tank, one of the largest in the world, houses a unique collection of jellyfish from Japan and Taiwan that captivates not only the eyes, but also the mind.

Dragon Of Fortune

The Dragon of Fortune is a magnificent sculpture that keeps not only the history, but also the traditions of the people. Crafted with gold leaf, this creation rises from its jade base in a swirling mist, accompanied by magnificent music. The compositions were written by renowned musicians especially for this mesmerizing appearance.

As the 28-foot, glowing-eyed Dragon slowly turns, giving every viewer a beautiful view, a 12-foot lotus flower gracefully unfolds in its center. Each of these traditional symbols has been designed to pay tribute to China's rich knowledge and culture. That is why the guests of this show are not only guests of Wynn Macau, but also people who value the traditions of their country.

Tree Of Prosperity

When the golden dome at the top opens, the real show begins. Viewers can see an impressive 11-meter chandelier made of 21,000 backlit crystals, but that's not all. Simultaneously with the chandelier, an 11-meter tree rises from the floor, each of 60 branches of which consists of more than 2,000 branches and 98,000 leaves, adorned with 24-carat gold and brass leaf.

During rotation, advanced video technologies create the illusion of changing seasons: bright green changes to gold, and then completely turns into an icy white and blue color.

It is better to see this sight 1 time than constantly reading about it or looking at pictures.


Also on the territory of the hotel there are many other entertainments, such as a spa, salons, pools and cabanas, a large shopping center and world-famous restaurants.


Wynn Macau Casino offers approximately 212 table games and 375 slot machines in approximately 1,000,000 square meters of casino play space. It is the first integrated Las Vegas-style resort in Asia that truly feels like Las Vegas.

The total area of ​​the casino is more than 25,000 m2

The minimum bet is 1 Hong Kong dollar (HKD), the maximum is 100,000 HKD.
The zone is open for visits around the clock.

How to get Wynn Resort Casino Macau

The first and easiest one is to fly a direct flight to Hong Kong (the journey takes only 4.5 hours), and from Hong Kong by high-speed ferry in just 55 minutes. S7 flies to Hong Kong from Vladivostok on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as Aurora on Thursdays.


Deluxe Room
Spacious room with elegant bathroom and spectacular views
Grand Deluxe Room
Spacious room with a king-size bed, a separate living room and a large bathroom
One-Bedroom Suite
Spacious suite with its own living room, kitchen, massage room, spectacular bathroom and large bedroom
Two-Bedroom Suite
Spacious suite with breathtaking views, two bedrooms, large living room, bathroom and kitchen.


Wynn Macau has several gourmet restaurants where diners can enjoy the evening and take in the views.
Golden Flower
99 Noodles
Buns & Bubbles
Fruit parlours,


Wynn Macau is a place filled with comfort, sophistication, and centuries of Chinese tradition. The hotel hosts a huge number of different shows, the guests of which are not only visitors of the hotel itself. The resort center has been awarded the Forbes award more than 5 times, making it a leader on the world stage.

Frequently asked Questions

Are there non-smoking rooms in the hotel?

Yes, the hotel has special rooms for non-smokers.

Is there free Wifi?

Yes, the hotel has free Wifi.

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